Mike Cann

Born and raised in Neptune City, NJ. My parents always encouraged me to be creative. my father John Cann is an artist who works in almost every medium. Growing up John took me to art shows and museums on a regular basis. I Think He Really made me understand the beauty & importance of art at a young age. My mother Cindy Cadiente is responsible for instilling me with strong morals and a passionate love for animals. During My early teen Years, the majority of my time was spent skating, playing music & drawing. By the time I turned eighteen, I already had an apprenticeship lined up. Throughout my career in the tattoo industry, I have learned so much from so many people. I Think thats probably the most important thing. keep learning, as soon as you stop learning you stop growing. I prefer the New-School side of tattooing, but I try to keep my workload balanced by doing a little bit of everything. In the next few years I plan on doing some more traveling to further my career as a tattoo artist and meet new people. As for now, you can find me at my shop Folk City Tattoo. www.folkcitytattoo.com


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Co-owner of Folk City Tattoo, along with my good friend and business partner, Nate Hudson. We opened our shop in early 2010. Over the past few years we have built a Great Crew Of Artists & A Rocking Client base. Folk City Tattoo is widely- considered the most unique & best tattoo shops in the area.

In addition, I am also the co-owner of the Hampton Roads Tattoo Festival, the Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival, the Raleigh Tattoo Festival & the Savannah Tattoo festival along with Nate Hudson , John Cann (Father) and his magazine Twisted Ink. The three day long events host over 250 of the best artists in the business, as well as a slew of amazing vendors, bands, circus sideshows and other entertainment.


On November 19th, 2011, I broke the world record for longest tattoo session on multiple people.I tattooed for a grueling 35hours, 8 minutes, and 48 seconds.


Early 2015 I created Brain Storm an artists drawing tool, fifty four cards with three hundred twenty four ideas equaling to over 15,000 design possibilities. Artists pick up one, two or three cards from the pile. Each card has six ideas, you will roll the dice to see what you’ll be drawing off each card. Then combine the ideas into one design or draw them separately. Available in my online store